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Mozilla firefox add on

Install a Firefox Add-on Manually

Here are a few quick and easy ways to install Firefox add-ons manually. Some are quicker than others, you’ll just have to pick the one that you like the most.

First Things First

If you have already saved an extension to your desktop (or other location), you can skip this.

Download the extension that you want to your computer. For security reasons, it is highly recommended that you only save/install add-ons from the official Firefox Add-ons site, from an official Mozilla site, from a Mozilla repository on github, or from a trusted Mozilla employee or volunteer.
If a download option isn’t available, right click on the extension’s install link and select «Save Link As..». Be sure not to change the file extension. A Firefox extension will be an .XPI file.
Example: web_developer_tools_toolbar_button-0.9.5-fx.xpi
Once you have downloaded the extension, there are several ways that you can install it.

Tip: To find the location where add-ons are installed by default, press Alt + h > t (Help > Troubleshooting Information) > Profile Folder > Show Folder > extensions.

Manual Install Methods

Since Firefox 4, there has been an option to manually, and easily install saved add-ons.

Open the Add-ons Manger > (Alt + t > a) click on the gear icon (Tools for all add-ons) > Install Add-on From File.. > browse to the add-on > double click the add-on (or select Open) > Install Now
Despite this, the following tips may still be better and/or quicker options for you.

With Firefox open, hit Ctrl+ o (or Cmd+ o) > browse to the extension > double click the extension (or select Open) > Install Now.

Press Alt + f > o > browse to the extension > double click the extension (or select Open) > Install Now.

Drag the extension to the instance of Firefox on the taskbar > wait for Firefox to appear > drop onto the browser window > Install Now.

Drag the extension to the Firefox desktop (or other) program shortcut. If Firefox is running, you’ll see the Software Installation window appear > Install Now. If Firefox is not running, it will start up and the Software Installation window appear > Install Now.
If you have a Firefox desktop shortcut with -no-remote -p appended to it (allows for running multiple instances of Mozilla apps), you can install the extension into whatever profile that you’d like if Firefox is not currently running.

If you do run multiple, simultaneous instances of Firefox (e.g., Release, Aurora, Nightly, etc), you can drag and drop an XPI link, or the «Add to Firefox» button (from the Firefox Add-ons site) from one running instance of Firefox to another running instance of Firefox and the add-on will be installed in that version of Firefox (if of course, it’s compatible).

Install a Firefox Theme Manually

Firefox 4 and higher.
Open the Add-ons Manger > (Alt + t > a) click on the gear icon (Tools for all add-ons) > Install Add-on From File.. > browse to the theme file > double click the file (or select Open) > Install Now

Open the Add-ons Manger > (Alt + t > a) click on Appearance > drag the theme file that you saved to the instance of Firefox on the taskbar > wait for Firefox to appear > drop onto the browser window > Install Now.

Selecting a Theme

Open the Add-ons Manger > (Alt + t > a) click Appearance > select a theme (single click on one), click Enable, restart Firefox. Your selected theme will be visible after Firefox is restarted.

Install Add-on graphic by Ken Saunders
Hand used in graphic by mossi889 of

Access Firefox, a Mozilla community run project.

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Domain name licensed by the Mozilla Corporation 7-17-2008.

Soda PDF Blog

The 10 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons (BIG 2019 UPDATES)

So you’re a Firefox lover that’s resisted defecting to the Google Chrome side of the force. Stay strong. We bet you’ll LOVE these 10 awesome plugins that make Firefox WAY more fun and efficient to use. We do…oh yea, and #5 is our totally unbiased favorite plugin.

We know, we know, another list. But how could you not want to see the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons available in 2019.

Table of Contents

#1 – Disconnect – Instantly Keep Your Data Private

Every site you visit is tracking your data…but not if you “Disconnect.”

This privacy plugin automatically tracks sites that are collecting your data and disconnects you from them, keeping your personal info and habits 100% private and secure.

The added bonus is that it makes browsing the web (like you need MORE of that) faster and more convenient because the heavy data load is taken off of your browser.

Ready for another of the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons?

#2 – Grammarly – So Long, Typos!

If you make as many mistakes typing as we do, you’ll love Grammarly.

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It catches typos, points out grammar mistakes, and even offers suggestions for improving your writing.

It’s the simplest, most effective way to make your writing bold, clear, and mistake-free.

Unlike autocorrect, Grammarly is more like a writing assistant that helps you write better.

NOTE: The free version is good enough for most tasks, but if you want the best experience, you need the paid version.

#3 – Wikiwand – Enhance Your Wiki Experience

Playing around on Wikipedia, we found an incredible one for our list of the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons.

Wikiwand is a godsend for wikifreaks. It transforms and enhances your wiki experience like nothing else online. It turns the bland Wikipedia interface into a beautiful, crisp reading experience.

Everything gets an overhaul, making it easier and more enjoyable to browse Wikipedia all day. Honestly, this one would be #1 if it were more practical for daily life.

#4 – Lightshot – Take and Edit Screenshots from Your Browser

“I don’t understand. Can you send a screenshot?” – At least 1 person per day

If only screenshots were as easy to make as they are useful.

Well, now they are.

Lightshot is light, simple, and feature rich. It lets you take and edit screenshots directly from the browser and save them in its FREE cloud storage. Can’t really ask for much more.

Great, now that your screenshot problems are solved, let’s move on to our unbiased entry at #5….

#5 – Soda PDF – The Best PDF Editor in History

We don’t like to brag, but Soda PDF’s Firefox add-on is AWESOME. Ok, it’s more of a full web app than a typical add-on, but let us brag a little.

Create, merge, save, and annotate PDFs right from your browser. It’s portable, lightweight, and extremely easy to use. You can even sign contracts using eSign!

Soda PDF can power you through any PDF task. Create files from over 300 formats, convert to any type of file, edit docs directly, or even create custom forms.

This is the first fully functional PDF software you can actually take with you anywhere you go!

We aren’t biased in the slightest…

Oh we do have a quick tools add-on for Firefox as well:

#6 – Adblock – The Name Says it All

The best thing about this plugin is it instantly goes to work. Install, and you’ll immediately stop seeing ads on streaming sites, Facebook, and your browser.

#7 – Cookie AutoDelete – Take Control of Your Cookies

Imagine a world where you leave a website and it doesn’t remember your information or track your browsing habits.

This can be your world if you download and install Cookie AutoDelete. Cookies are creepy to begin with, but they also slow down your web browser or make your browser less efficient. Don’t waste time clearing them manually, clear them automatically!

Only a couple left on our list of the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons.

#8 – Darkreader – Protect Your Eyes When Reading in Bed

Do you stay up way later than you should reading pointless articles or browsing mindless content sites?

Now you can protect your eyesight while doing it!

Darkreader lets you adjust the color, brightness, and font so that your favorite sites are easier on your eyes while reading at night. Unlike most other extensions, it’s actually really easy and convenient to use. You won’t have any issues.

#9 – Firefox Multi-Account Containers – Keep Your Online Life Color-Coded

Firefox’s own containers extension is a way to keep different parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs.

Here’s how it works…

You do everything online, right? Working, banking, socializing, shopping, etc?

But, do you only use one browser? If you’re only using one browser, it’s easy to get everything mixed up. A multi-account container lets you keep everything in neat little containers to easily organize and store everything.

The extension keeps everything from private data to cookies separate, so when you sign into one tab (for example, work email), your other tabs won’t know anything about it. It’s great for organization, privacy, and security, and is totally FREE!

#10 – LastPass – An Award-Winning Password Manager

If you’re as bad with passwords as we are, LastPass is exactly what you need. You only remember one master password and LastPass does the rest.

LastPass creates strong passwords for every site and stores them for easy login. It instantly syncs from your desktop to your laptop, phone, or tablet. This extension can do everything from making you more productive to making online shopping fast and secure.

It can even auto-change passwords that are too weak or old!

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That concludes our list of the 10 best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons in 2019. Which is your favorite?

A quick reminder Soda PDF Online can be accessed through Firefox. You can also try out the Desktop version.

Temporary installation in Firefox

This article describes how you can temporarily install an extension in Firefox for testing and debugging. The extension stays installed until you remove it or restart Firefox.

For extension development, automate the processes described on this page by using web-ext.

Note that this is not how end-users should install add-ons in Firefox. End-users install add-ons by downloading and opening packaged add-ons that have been signed by Mozilla. To learn how you get an add-on packaged and signed, see Publishing your extension.


To install an extension temporarily:

  • open Firefox
  • enter “about:debugging” in the URL bar
  • click “This Firefox”
  • click “Load Temporary Add-on”
  • open the extension’s directory and select any file inside the extension.

The extension installs and remains installed until you remove it or restart Firefox.

Reloading a temporary extension

To reload the extension, click “Reload”:

  • reloads any persistent scripts, such as background scripts
  • parses the manifest.json file, so changes to permissions , content_scripts , browser_action , or any other keys take effect.

Note that in Firefox 48 only, “Reload” does not update the extension’s name and description that are displayed in about:debugging and about:addons. This is fixed in Firefox 49.

Using the command line

If you use the command line for development, check out web-ext. It automates the temporary installation and automatically reloads your extension when its source code changes.

Detecting temporary installation

An extension can detect whether it was installed from about:debugging, rather than as a signed extension downloaded from It does this by listening for the runtime.onInstalled event, and checking the value of details.temporary .


The temporary installation of an extension doesn’t fully mimic the behavior of a signed extension. For example, if the extension makes installation time permission requests, these are not displayed as part of the temporary installation process. Also, features, such as local storage, persist even if the extension is removed and the browser restarted.

For information on how to address these situations, see Test permission requests and Testing persistent and restart features.

Last update: В mdnwebdocs-bot В Dec 19, 2019

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the most widely used and trusted modern

You will be redirected to the author website to complete the download.

  • Category Web browsers
  • Program license Free (GPL)
  • Version 31.0
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Also available for Android
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Mozilla

Firefox is one of the most widely used and trusted modern web browsers, supporting a host of browsing options, security features, and web development features. Its easy-to-use and visually pleasing interface complement the intelligence and features which this browser has added over hundreds of revisions and updates.

With over a decade of fine-tuning and programming revisions under its hood, Firefox leads the modern browser market with its speed, security features, and add-on capabilities. It is currently one of the most commonly-used web browsers in the world. The tabbed browsing experience allows you to have multiple web pages open at once and effortlessly switch between tabs, even using keyboard shortcuts to switch between open tabs. Firefox is able to effortlessly render even the most complex javascript and flash animations. As of version 48, Firefox even supports multithreading to take advantage of multicore processors.

In addition to its impressive speed and stability, the Firefox browser is very customizable. Visit the Firefox online store for free and paid add-ons, plugins, extensions, and even custom themes. Easily change the appearance of Firefox using online these or design your own custom themes and easily attach plugins to help with downloads, ad blocking, web programming and development, privacy and security, photos and media, etc. These helpful add-ons can become a part of your browser in only a few clicks, and they can easily be removed later from the browser’s add-on manager.

Firefox also comes with a host of built-in tools and features, including private browsing mode and a host of sophisticated development tools. Private browsing mode allows you to browse the internet without saving your browsing history or website cookies. There is even a tracking protection option which allows you to prevent many websites from storing information about you. Short from renting a virtual private network service, Firefox provides some of the most advanced security and browsing anonymity features that you can find in a modern browser.

Programming and web development tools include a sophisticated code debugger and a responsive web design mode. Responsive design mode allows you to test a web page of several different common screen sizes or set a custom screen size by dragging the corner. The debugger goes line by line to show you where a code is going wrong, and you can easily see what codes are being activated at the moment they are activated. Firefox’s comprehensive web development tools make web programming a much easier experience.

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Whatever your use, Firefox is a proven browser which has stood the test of time. In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is important to have a browser that is also fast, stable, powerful, and customizable to suit the needs of its users. Firefox fits the bill.


  • Private browsing mode with tracking protection.
  • Easily access recently-visited pages from the launch page.
  • A seamless multi-tabbed browsing experience that is able to render even complex web pages and animations quickly and efficiently.
  • Easily add plugins, add-ons, and other customizations from the Firefox store.
  • Easily manage bookmarks.

Mozilla Extensions

RSS Feed RSS Feed (free software only) 245 applications total Last updated: Apr 6th 2020, 06:26 GMT

  • Improve GitHub
  • 465 KB

Refined GitHub for Firefox 20.4.5

Enhance your GitHub experience and have all features and settings extended and centralized with th.

  • Access Google Service
  • 1.45 MB

Black Menu for Google for Firefox 22.3.30

Instantly access the most widely-used Google services directly from your Firefox browser’s toolbar.

  • ad blocker
  • 2.52 MB

uBlock Origin for Firefox 1.26.0 / 1.26.1 Beta 2

Improve your browsing experience with the help of this Firefox extension that packs customizable f.

  • restore Firefox tab
  • 623 KB

Tab Session Manager for Firefox 6.0.0

Save the state of your Firefox tabs and restore them at any point with the help of this approachab.

  • To-do List
  • 598 KB

Taskade for Firefox 3.1.6

Create project roadmaps, task lists and notes that can be shared with friends or team members, wit.

  • Block Coronavirus
  • 10 KB

No Coronavirus for Firefox 0.2.0

Take the edge off with the help of this Firefox extension that replaces all mentions of Coronaviru.

  • Spell Checker
  • 400 KB

Linguix for Firefox 0.9.15

Useful Firefox extension that will help you improve your writing by detecting mistakes and providi.

  • Quick Search
  • 300 KB

Swift Selection Search 3.42.1

This extension gives you the possibility to search on various engines and popular sites for the sp.

  • Password Manger
  • 3.33 MB

Myki Password Manager & Authenticator for Firefox 4.10.0

Use this extension in order to gain access to your favorite services without having to remember al.

  • Single HTML
  • 384 KB

SingleFile for Firefox 1.17.29

Use this neat extension if you want to save a browser page in one single HTML file, with all the r.

  • Deal Finder
  • 1.31 MB

InvisibleHand for Firefox 11.2

Get the lowest price when you shop online and never go through the disappointment of finding a bet.

  • Zoom Scheduler
  • 167 KB

Zoom Scheduler for Firefox 2.1.7

A web-browser extension that allows you to quickly schedule and start meetings for Zoom, without h.

  • Reddit Search
  • 750 KB

Thredd for Firefox 3.0.8

This extension finds Reddit conversations about the site you’re visiting at one moment, and it sho.




CyberLink PowerDirector

Wise Folder Hider

Driver Booster PRO




CyberLink PowerDirector

Wise Folder Hider

Driver Booster PRO




CyberLink PowerDirector

  • Phototheca
  • Rufus
  • TeamViewer
  • CyberLink PowerDirector
  • SUMo
  • Wise Folder Hider
  • Driver Booster PRO
  • Password Manager
  • 17.1 MB

Norton Password Manager for Firefox

This straightforward extension gives quick access to the credentials that you have saved with Nort.

  • Password Safe
  • 3.7 MB

Avira Password Manager for Firefox

Forgetting passwords is not an issue with this Firefox extension that stores all of your sensitive.

  • block CDN request
  • 6.53 MB

Decentraleyes for Firefox 2.0.14

Prevent websites that contain ads and trackers from making you send requests for any missing CDN r.

  • distribution software
  • 2.4 MB

Wappalyzer for Firefox 5.9.30

Uncover the technologies used on web pages you are visiting with the help of this Firefox browser .

  • Firefox ad blocker
  • 1.53 MB

Adblock Plus for Firefox 3.8.4

Get rid of annoying banners and advertisements present on most webpages, ensuring a clean browsing.

  • text to speech
  • 384 KB

Read Aloud for Firefox 1.26.0

A straightforward extension that can read aloud any text found on a web page and can come in handy.

  • YouTube Enhancer
  • 645 KB

Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox 2.0.101

Improve your user experience and YouTube’s functionality while using Firefox with the help of this.

  • flag viewer
  • 869 KB

Flagfox for Firefox 6.1.25

An easy to configure extension for your Firefox browser that reveals the physical location of a se.

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